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Bio Tanix 30 minute Repair Mask and Volume Reducer 1Kg


It was developed exclusively to repair the hair fiber and reduce the volume. It is a product enriched with a complex of nutrients, amino acids and a blend of 7 royal oils that cause a natural change in the strand. It works by filling the hair fiber with mass replacement and allows the complete recovery of damaged hair, acting where more hair needs care forming a protective layer, locking in moisture and sealing the cuticle. It’s an innovative treatment for facilitating the work of professional hair stylists. PROTEIN REDUCER REPAIR offers a complete treatment for all hair types. The result is soft hair, full of shine, healthy, and hydrated with longevity. It’s guaranteed to work in just 30 minutes!

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Bio Tanix Repair Mask

Service Guide – Step by Step

Handling  BioTanix Repair Mask

Try our BIOTANIX REPAIR MASK line and increase your profits.
Dermatologically tested and approved!

After washing hair, dry 50% with the help of a towel and divide into 4 equal sections.

Apply layer-by-layer cultivating the mask with the aid of a comb, leaving a 30-minute rest period. NOTE: Depending on the hair type, the rest period may be longer.

After the rest period, rinse hair with water, blow-dry with the help of a brush to activate the shine and satiny touch.

If you desire a larger decrease in frizz, flat iron into thin strands 5 to 10 times with the flat iron at 392° F (200 ° C) (blond 356°F or 180 ° C).  NOTE: Always emphasize flat ironing more at the root and less at the ends.

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